policy page

Preface. We recognize importance of the personal information protection.

The definition of the personal information. Personal information is information about the individual. It is the information that can distinguish authorized individuals such as sex, a phone number, an e-mail address, an occupation, the place of employment on a full name, the date of birth.

Collection / the use of the personal information. We collect personal information, and we use it for the following purposes only in the range. When collection / the use of the personal information by this shop depended on the voluntary offer of the visitor, and it was offered personal information a visitor, a visitor shall have consented to that this shop conformed to this policy and used personal information.

The duties that we need when we send the item of this ordered shop. Opinion collection for the inquiry from us which are necessary on duties accomplishment, confirmation and service improvement. An offer of the information to seem to be useful need to win to guidance visitors such as a new product, the new service. Various inquiry correspondence.

The third person offer of the personal information. Without obtaining the person himself's consent beforehand unless this shop depends on cases based on laws and ordinances sufficient reason; disclosure cannot offer personal information to the third person.

This shop tries for enough security to prevent the leak of the personal information, damage and performs the appropriate management of the personal information that we receive it and did, in addition, to keep personal information to the thing which, in addition, is the latest precisely.

The inquiry of information contents, a revision or deletion. We will cope immediately in a rational range after having confirmed that it is the person himself when it is hoped for the inquiry of the personal information that a visitor had us offer it, a revision or deletion.

Notation based on a specific transaction.

Distributor / Walk Market

An administration person in charge / Takuhiro Ooyama

A handling item / curio

The location / 2-29, Tsuyazaki 3-Chome Hukutsu-Shi, Fukuoka 811-3304 JAPAN

A phone number / 080-6423-3620

E-mail address / walk-market@live.jp

The indication at an item price individual indication consumption tax price including it

The rate that is necessary besides the item price.

Delivery rate / EMS

Expense when it makes an international postal money order, a transfer fee.

The expiration date of the application.

It is seven days after an order decision. When the receipt of money cannot confirm after the confirmation email transmission of a message within seven days, I will do an order if handled as cancellation.

A payment method / An international postal money order

The time to send it / It is less than 1 week after receipt of money confirmation by the transfer.

When we cannot send an item by a sellout, we contact it separately.

Returned goods / In the characteristic of the item called the curio, we cannot accept the return of goods.

When I draw it, please order states of the items after examination well. When there was the damage of an item getting together during mail, the buyer has you receive the damage compensation processing of the post office.