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Many points about the inquiry.

Please make an inquiry with the following points.

An inquiry about the item.

The inquiry about the item.
Please describe an item name and an item number in the beginning of inquiry contents.

(Entry example)
Item name : kondo kabin
Item number : 300001

About an inquiry except the item.

The inquiry except the item. Please describe a brief inquiry title in the title section of the email.

About an item except the publication item.

There are a lot of items which are not displayed in this site.
Therefore, the item which you look for if you refer and do it may be found even if not displayed in this site.
Please make an inquiry.


An item entrusted with is included in this site.
Therefore, for stock confirmation, there is a case to require a reply for a few days.
Please understand it.

E-mail address

Please contact the following e-mail address.

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