A site introduction

This site deals in with a Japanese curio with a Buddhist image, a Buddhism work of art mainly. Kamakura period, Momoyama period, Edo period, Meiji period. Please enjoy the charm of a splendid curio created by an inventive idea of craftsmen in the history.
The article displayed in this site is sold at the same time at store.Therefore an article can be sold out, but please understand it.
The article which is not displayed in this site has many.If there is the article of the search for, please make an inquiry. An article example.A Buddhist image, Buddhist art, Mask, Negoro, people Buddha, Buddhist altar, Kondobutsu, pressed copper Buddhist image, Gokosyo, Gokorei, Amida nyorai, Yakushi nyorai, Sougyo butsu, ston buddha statue, wooden sculpture Buddha, vase, suzhi, hanzikki, rokki, ryuzu, foo dog lion, tea bowl, incense lamp, signboard,..etc.

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